Experienced And Reliable Notary Public

If you are looking for a reliable notary public, get in touch with Porter & Co as I have the most experienced solicitor the industry has to offer. A Notary Public is basically a public official appointed by the state government to help prevent fraud and so has hold a public office. Hire me to verify the authenticity of your most vital transactions. I have years of experience in signing vital documents like deeds, estates, powers of attorney, licenses, trusts, affidavits, contracts and loan documents.

Tasks Undertaken By Notary Public

The primary duty of a notary public is to prepare, authenticate, attest and certify under the official seal as a notary. You can even hire him for drawing up of contracts, conveyancing, probate and preparation of wills. Every document bearing his signature and the official seal is considered to be evidence of a responsible and impartial legal officer. He is supposed to act for both parties.

notary services

Few other notarial functions offered are –

  • Execution of documents.
  • Attestation of signature.
  • Administration of oaths and declarations.
  • Authentication of contents.
  • Securing translation of documents and verifying.

Offering Notarial Services At Competitive Services

I am not just a leading law firm offering notarial services but also try my level best to assist with all types of matters and disputes at the most competitive prices. My notarial fee is completely dependent on the amount of time my solicitor has to spend on the matter based an hourly rate, the number of documents you are willing to certify or attest and the number of signatories which require certification or attestation. The Notaries Society guidelines are followed and the rates reviewed at fixed intervals to ensure that they are fair and reasonable.

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