5 Reasons When You Should Visit a Probate Court

5 Reasons When You Should Visit a Probate Court

Did your loved one pass away? Are you in a state of mind to look through the wills? Even if you don’t want to, still you need to look into the financial matters of the deceased as soon as possible. That’s when the need for visiting a probate court becomes a necessity. Probate laws may be different based on the states; however, it is in simple terms of the legal process of distributing the deceased person’s assets.

A probate lawyer is not required if you don’t have a large property or asset in hand. There are a few situations under which you would need the probate lawyer’s interference.

Here’s a list of the same. If any of them below applies to you, you should consult probate in Sutton earliest.

Invalid will

If the deceased had not drafted the will in legal terms, then an attorney’s help will be required. Let’s say that the deceased was not mentally stable when he/she made the will; even then, it is invalid, and the lawyer has to sort things out. They would be marked as invalid if the deceased had made the will under pressure from an external person.


Deceased beneficiaries

You will require a probate lawyer if the person who died has no beneficiaries left. Especially in the case of life insurances policies, savings account funds and retirement funds, you’ll need a beneficiary to distribute the money. If all the named beneficiaries of the deceased person are dead, a probate’s interference is required for further decision.

Sole ownership of assets by deceased

There are weird cases when the deceased is the sole owner of the property and assets. There’s no beneficiary mentioned. Even the person doesn’t have a legal heir. In such a case, a probate’s interference is the only solution to the problem.

Joint tenancy situation

In case the deceased has joint ownership of the property. Like a married couple, as per law, will have joint ownership of property. Then again, probate will sort out the process of distribution of the property to the concerned persons.

No last will

Let’s say the person died suddenly without leaving any will. In such a case, the probate is the only source of contact who can resolve the issues. The transfer of the fund and title of the property will occur in the presence of the probate only.

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